Collection of features that let you turn photos into stunning slideshows

Collection of features that let you turn photos into stunning slideshows

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Program by: Wondershare

Version: 6.5.1

Works under: Windows


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Trial version

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Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is a slideshow software tool meant for users of all experience levels.

This is a near-perfect piece of software. If you've ever tried to make a slideshow on a computer, you know that the process can be ridiculously complex, even if the end product is very simple. Wondershare has taken away all of the issues involved with making a final product and cut down the process into something that even a brand new computer user can understand. It takes about five minutes to master the software, and then you'll be off. It's incredibly easy to edit and save your work, and the slideshows with which you end up will look like they are done by professionals.

If there are any flaws present in Wondershare, it's definitely hard to find them. If you don't like drag and drop, you'll probably be annoyed by Wondershare. If you like to lord your computer skills over others, you'll probably be upset by how easy this is for everyone else to use. There's probably also some obscure format to which the program doesn't output, but you'll have to do some real digging to find that kind of law. Really, this is about as good as single purpose software gets.

It's really hard to oversell Wondershare. The program isn't just easy to use - it's easy to use very well. This is pretty much the perfect Slideshow program, and it's something that every computer owner should pick up. If you've ever made a slideshow or you think you'll ever make one, it's a good idea to have this program in your back pocket.


  • Very easy to use, even if you're new to the software
  • Good design suite
  • Very easy to save


  • Drag and drop isn't for everyone